Industrial Chic Wedding at Indigo Pearl Phuket Thailand

8:20:00 AM

World Travel-Themed Wedding :

Paphurin and James chose a very special theme wedding “a travel theme wedding” which is an Industrial Chic Wedding. The reason why they chose this theme was because Pahurin and James‘d been traveled together in various places. Simply, a wedding should be intimated to reflect their adventures and their personal life that was at the same time casual and glamorous. Therefore, Indigo Pearl, Phuket, an island resort steeped in history of Phuket’s tin mining and adventures of ancestors of the owner was the best venue, for having their great memorable wedding. Then, it comes as no surprise that Indigo Pearl‘s venue made completely fitting for the couple for blending themselves perfectly. The ceremony took place at Rebar Restaurant which is an excellent choice and a uniquely making their details of playful of their adventure pictures so gorgeous and outstanding memorable event. It was a fascinating wedding day of their personal warm fun and enjoy with their sweet guests.

Wedding Film:

Dinner: They use postcards from their favorite places in the world as table markers!

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