Amy & Michael : Groom Elaborated Wedding Details

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Unexpectedly, we feel so honored to be a part of Micheal + Amy Story featured on Cosmopolitan Bride Australia Website....Massive thank you for a credit and compliment... 

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This wedding atmosphere had a lot of lovely favor stuff with all the details and personal touches which provided and managed by the groom. It’s very surprising that a person whom we had contacted for the wedding planning was Michael, the groom.

Michael is very romantic person. He’s managing everything in details for his perfect wedding day. It’s very impressive!

Not only focus on his bride, Amy, he even paid attention for every individual guest who came to celebrated their marriage. He created the theme and games for all guests can involve with fun. They enjoyed scratching their Lotto, bending their animal escort cards. It’s very charming ideas.

We, Tua-Toh Production who provided them both Photography & Film Making services, blended with them through 8 hours for capturing and covering every  moments and atmospheres of their happiness. 

One of our absolute favorite moments, while we were walking around, taking photos of the bride and groom together at the location of reception area in the Hotel, suddenly we were asked by the wedding couple to asked permission from local taxi which parking in front of the hotel, just for let them only sit inside  the vehicle. When both of them  got into the taxi and then started to have their own fun. Something will happen that will prompt us to be ready for anything anytime. Good luck, we had good shot of another beauty of a love and fun story. You can see from our video.    

Wedding Movie:

Amy & Michael at Katathani Beach Resort, Kata Noi Beach, Phuket

Amy& Michael's wedding was very enjoyed. The bride and groom were very lively and full of fun, this made everything easy for us to do our parts cheerfully. 

Yes, the couple were the joys of the bride and groom that we've ever met.

"Grace and remembrance be to you both. - William Shakespeare" 
"We did receive the photos and video package and everything was brilliant. We have had a very busy weekend but I was meaning to email you shortly. Your team have done such a fabulous job and we loved all of the editing that was done. It was a spectacular day and you really captured the essence and fun factor we enjoyed on our wedding day. Sure, we'd be happy for you to share our video. When were you thinking of publishing them and would you be able to provide us with the links once you have done so in order for us to share with friends family and prospective clients for you?
Many thanks, 
Michael and Amy"

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