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Hello! This is the first time we've posted our wedding photographs here, in addtion to, we've worked for a wedding couple; Donna + Genen October 19, 2012 and we just wonder How much happiness for this couple having all day? and How many SMILEs are there in that moment?

These gorgeous one we've taken just 2hours service but we're fully love and enjoy with a couple and very appreciate to work for you Donna + Gene...Let's see thousand smiles of them.....
Can you count her smiles in our photographs? Just having much happiness and give us thousand smile....
The wedding venue & all function by KATA THANI PHUKET BEACH RESORT team, all photos taken by Toh Bandit (from Tua-Toh Production) and Sani Phasee, co-photographer, for more info and send us your requirment, booking or any inquiries at or +6684 625 8844.

Special Thanks; Donna Lee Curtis & Gene Jefford, both you are GORGEOUS!!! 

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